hi there!

I am Yuta (he, his, him), a multidisciplinary designer living in Providence, RI. 🤝

My practice encompassed a comprehensive human-centered approach and embodied social innovation. With a background in Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from Rhode Island School of Design, my competencies and skillsets emphasis on researching, coding, and designing.


User Experience Design


Whale is a mobile app that rethinks the experience of taking diary.

Swarovski X SCADpro

Interactive website for visualizing and presenting Swarovski’s Crystal Collections.

Intern @ RELAYTO

Coming soon!

Interactive Technology

Zoomorphic Amalgamation

The series of works serve as lenses to emphasize the imbalance between the personality spectrums in contemporary society.

Defensive Communication

Interactive wearables that simulate animal’s protective behaviors.



The series of 9 rings bring childhood toy to the finger.

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